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Get the Best Scaffolding Equipment in Auckland

We are passionate about getting industries moving in Auckland with our scaffolding services. That’s why all of our scaffolding products and services are built on a promise of quality. 

We inject quality into the great equipment that we provide and quality into all of our carefully performed services. You can count on Auckland Scaffolding for all your scaffolding needs. 

Custom Made Scaffolding Products 

We custom build all of our scaffolding equipment to suit every industry in Auckland. So whether you’re working on a residential project, are completing commercial cleaning or are working in another industry, such as the marine industry, we can help you. 

Our specifically tailored designs focus on quality and safety in order to ensure the best results for you and your team.
From delivery, erection, dismantling AK Scaffolding is your one stop scaffolding resource. 
Shrink Wrap
The possibilities of the shrink wrap system are endless; Weather proofing, protection from UV rays, waste containment and privacy are just a few. 
Temp Fencing
Provide tough, secure, and effective temporary site fencing for your home, work place or job site, barrier fencing and security fencing for crowd control or traffic control needs.

Wide Ranging Scaffolding, Shrink Wrap, Temp Fencing Services 

We have a great range of scaffolding services too. These services support our commitment to high quality and safe products. 

These include: 
  • Delivery – We’ll bring all the necessary equipment, to you in order to ensure that your job can start quickly and get done properly 
  • Erection – We set up our high quality equipment for you, ensuring high safety standards are set 
  • Dismantling – The great thing about our service is that it’s temporary. We will take down the equipment once the job is done, making the whole process easier for you.
  • Safety – We can undertake a wide range of safety tests and we will always use the highest standard safety equipment in our work.

Get a Quote Today!

You can get a quote on all of our great products and services by getting in touch with Auckland Scaffolding today. Give us a call or head to our contact page now to get the process started.

Choose us for great scaffolding products and services. 
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